Avraam Mavridis | Frontend United Athens 2017

Avraam Mavridis

Software Developer

Avraam is a Full Stack Developer passionate about web performance. After studying Systems Engineering and Computer Science in Greece and Sweden, he moved to Berlin where he is currently working at mycs.com. His daily work involves among others React, Angular, Node, Webpack, AWS. In his free time, he participates in the local tech meetups, creates pet projects with not so popular languages or in the few days in which Berlin has good weather he drinks Club Mate in der Spree.

Charlie Owen | Frontend United Athens 2017

Charlie Owen

Frontend developer / Drupal themer

After contracting as a Drupal front-end developer in London, and writing code for BBC News, Charlie Owen is now happily working for Springer Nature in Berlin.

There she helps make the world of scientific publishing a better place by constructing design systems, banging on about inclusive design, and utilising those wonderful web standards.

She rides bikes, drinks beer, and quite often says the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Dan Mall | Frontend United, Athens 2017

Dan Mall

Creative director / Advisor

Dan Mall is a creative director and advisor from Philly. He’s the director of SuperFriendly, a design collaborative that brings exquisite creative direction & design to the world’s most interesting and important organizations. Having worked with clients like Canon, ESPN, Kraft, Quartz, Apple, Google, The New York Times, Microsoft, GE, Crayola, Lucasfilm, Thomson Reuters, and more, Dan has a passion for playing matchmaker between surprising art direction and intuitive interaction design.

Denys Mishunov | Frontend United Athens 2017

Denys Mishunov

Frontend developer

Denys is a frontend developer living and working in Norway. Being 2-in-1: an art school graduate and an engineer, Denys is passionate about psychology, physics, history, drawing. In his day-to-day job he enjoys getting to the heart of the matter of things and processes. Originally on “CSS side” of development, for the last years Denys has been building javascript applications, still breaking CSS, abusing HTML and working with performance optimisations of pretty much all aspects of the fronted toolset at Digital Garden AS (fastname.no and uniweb.no).

Jeremy Keith | Frontend United Athens 2017

Jeremy Keith

Web developer and author living

Jeremy Keith is a web developer, writer, and musician. He authors a popular blog, and has written several books including DOM Scripting, a guide to web design with JavaScript and the Document Object Model. He co-founded Clearleft in 2005.

Jonathan Snook | Frontend United Athens 2017

Jonathan Snook

Designer and developer

Jonathan Snook is a designer and developer from Ottawa, Canada. Snook has a 15+ year career having worked freelance, for agencies, and for product companies such as Yahoo!, Shopify, and Xero. He writes about tips, tricks, and bookmarks on his blog at Snook.ca. He has also written for A List Apart, 24ways, and .net magazine, and has co-authored two books, The Art and Science of CSS and Accelerated DOM Scripting. Snook has also authored and received world-wide acclaim for the self-published book, Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS, sharing his experience and best practices on CSS architecture.

Knud Frank | Frontend United 2017

Knud Frank


Lauri Eskola | Frontend United Athens 2017

Lauri Eskola

Drupal Developer

Lauri broke Bartik (and fixed it)

He killed PHPTemplate and replaced it with Nyan Cat templating engine.

Co-maintainer of the theme system, and provisional Drupal 8 core committer and frontend framework manager.

Lea Verou | Frontend United Athens 2017

Lea Verou

computer scientist / web standards geek / front-end developer / web designer / speaker / author

Lea is currently busy doing research in Human-Computer Interaction at MIT CSAIL. She has previously written a bestselling CSS book for O’Reilly (CSS Secrets) and worked as a Developer Advocate at W3C. She has a long-standing passion for open web standards, and is one of the few Invited Experts in the CSS Working Group. Lea has also started several popular open source projects and web applications, such as PrismDabblet and -prefix-free and maintains a technical blog at lea.verou.me. Despite her academic pursuits in Computer Science, Lea is one of the few misfits who love code and design equally.

Léonie Watson | Frontend United Athens 2017

Leonie Watson

Communications director and Principal engineer at The Paciello Group

Léonie Watson (AKA Tink) began using the internet in 1993, turned it into a web design career in 1997, and (despite losing her eyesight along the way) has been enjoying herself thoroughly ever since.

Léonie is Communications director and Principal engineer at The Paciello Group (TPG), and also works with Government Digital Service (GDS) on the GOV.UK platform.

As a member of the W3C Advisory Board, and co-chair of the W3C Web Platform WG (working on specs like HTML5), Léonie is closely involved with the web standards community. She is frequently asked to talk about web standards and/or accessibility at conferences.

In her spare time Léonie blogs on tink.uk, writes for tech journals like Smashing magazineSitePoint.com and Net magazine. She also loves cooking, dancing and drinking tequila (although not necessarily in that order).

Luciano Mammino | Frontend United 2017 Athens

Luciano Mammino

Software Engineer

Luciano Mammino is a Software Engineer born in 1987, the same year that the Nintendo released “Super Mario Bros” in Europe, which, by chance is his favourite game!

His primary passion is code and is extremely fascinated by the web, smart apps and everything that's creative like music, art and design.

Luciano started coding at the age of 12 using his father's old Intel 386 provided with the DOS operative system and the qBasic interpreter. He has a Master Degree in Computer Science and during the years he developed his engineering skills mostly as Web Developer. Consides himself an expert Php developer and is commonly adopt Open Source libraries and frameworks such as Symfony2 and Doctrine, but also loves Javascript, both client side (jQuery/Angular) and server side (NodeJs).

In the last 3 years he has been very close to the entrepreneurship world, working with different startups. He ended up being a co-founder of an ambition fashion-tech startup: Sbaam.com. With Sbaam he had the chance to attend several events, competitions and acceleration programs in Italy and in Ireland.

Mark Conroy | Frontend United 2017

Mark Conroy

Chairperson of DrupalIreland

Mark Conroy came to Drupal as a site builder, an activity which he still loves, and grew into a developer along the way. He presently works as a content strategist and frontend developer with Annertech, Ireland's largest Drupal agency.

When developing websites, Mark cares about semantic naming conventions for content types, fields, views, features and everything in between.

When working on the frontend, he cares about theme directory organisation, and writing code that is easy for others to understand and - very importantly - a joy for the support team to inherit. Basically, he's interested in maintainability.

Mozilla firefox with webvr


Natalya Shelburne | Frontend United 2017, Athens

Natalya Shelburne

Software engineer at @nytimes, fine artist, speaker, educator, sketch note illustrator, relentless optimist, and doer of good deeds.

Natalya Shelburne is a classically trained fine artist who spent 6 years lecturing and teaching people how to paint, draw, and grow their creativity. Upon realizing that the Renaissance had in fact already ended, she decided to join the modern world and is now a front end developer. 

Natalya works to blur the line between designer and developer by sharing and updating old school design theory for the web. Crossing domains is a passion - in addition to a degree in Studio Art, she has a bachelor's in Developmental Psychology and a master's degree in Creativity and Talent Development, and works to weave interesting facts about how our brains work, learn, and develop into every talk.

When she is not writing code, she is drawing, cooking, traveling, or drinking absurd amounts of coffee.

Nir Kaufman | Frontend United, Athens 2017

Nir Kaufman

Google Developer Expert

Google Developer Expert (GDE) in web technologies and Angular, worldwide conference speaker, workshop mentor, Angular evangelist, and tech community leader. 

Head of the Angular department at 500Tech, a top front-end consultancy based in Tel Aviv.

Patrick Kettner | Frontend United Athens 2017

Patrick Kettner

PM for Edge at Microsoft

PM for Edge at Microsoft, formerly walmartlabs mobile, core dev of modernizr, generally neat. all companies form their opinions solely from what he tweets

Rachel Andrew | Frontend United Athens 2017

Rachel Andrew

Front and back-end web developer

Rachel Andrew is a front and back-end web developer, author and speaker. Her books include the recent Get Ready for CSS Grid Layout and she is a regular contributor to a number of publications both on and offline. Rachel is co-founder of the CMS Perch, a Google Developer Expert and an Invited Expert to the CSS Working Group. She writes about business and technology on her own site at rachelandrew.co.uk.

Rachel Lawson | Frontend United Athens 2017

Rachel Lawson

Drupal developer/sitebuilder

Rachel Lawson is a freelance Drupal developer/sitebuilder working on a wonderfully diverse range of projects and absolutely LOVING getting involved in helping new people get involved in contributing to the Drupal project. 

These days she finds herself spending more time hanging out in the various sprint rooms of camps in Europe, helping those that have never thought to venture into sprinting before.

Ruben Teijeiro | Frontend United Athens 2017

Ruben Teijeiro

Solution Manager at CDO Office

Started to use Drupal 7 years ago and since then he developed front-end and back-end super powers that helped him to achieve his goals.

He has collaborated in relevant projects with companies like Telefonica, Unicef and several Government organisations in Spain and Ericsson and Tieto in Sweden.

He spends a lot of time mentoring other DrupalHeroes and speaking about Drupal around Europe. You have probably met him already, if not you should. Follow his project @Drupal_Heroes to stay tuned to find out the latest info about Drupal.

Sani Yusuf | Frontend United 2017, Athens

Sani Yusuf

Sani is the founder of Haibrid, a London-based consultancy that offers Ionic training & consultancy. Sani is also the co-organiser of Ionic UK & has spoken about Ionic on 4 continents. A published book author, Sani also recently created the first Ionic 3.0 course online VIA Lynda.COM. When he is not doing geeky stuff, he enjoys food tourism & paddle boarding on the ocean.

Serg Hospodarets | Frontend United Athens 2017

Serg Hospodarets

Lead Front-End Developer / Engineering Manager, speaker, and CSS / JavaScript enthusiast.

Serg is a Lead Front-End Developer / Engineering Manager based in Dublin.

He loves the Web and shares his knowledge in his blog blog.hospodarets.com.

Being a big fan of moving CSS and JavaScript forward, Serg participates specifications debates and discusses new features with the community.

He likes to stay on top of the latest Web technologies and browser additions, participates their development, standardization, and enhancement.

Serg highlights all this and the browsers/DevTools additions on Twitter @malyw

Vitaly Friedman | Frontend United Athens 2017

Vitaly Friedman

Author / Speaker / Co-founder and editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine.

Vitaly Friedman loves beautiful content and doesn’t like to give in easily. Vitaly is writer, speaker, author and editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine. He runs responsive Web design workshops, online workshops and loves solving complex UX, front-end and performance problems in large companies.

Zaharenia Atzitzikaki | Frontend United Athens 2017

Zaharenia Atzitzikaki

Product designer, Lead designer

Zaharenia is a product designer with years of experience in delivering high-quality interfaces. A Sass aficionada that particularly enjoys applying method to madness. There’s nothing that she loves more than creating interfaces that get out of people’s way.