Workshop with Nir Kaufman: Data flow architecture with Redux and Angular

Impact HUB

This workshop is all about modern SPA architecture, focused on popular architectural design pattern Redux. Redux, an architectural pattern inspired by concepts from stateless web architecture patterns and functional programming paradigms, introduces a unidirectional data-flow and a predictable state container that scales. It’s a popular, mind-blowing alternative to the popular MVC pattern and solves a lot of issues in an elegant and clean way. Through a series of live code examples, Nir Kaufman walks you through a complete flow of a typical application, using Angular as the presentation layer.

Nir Kaufman is a Google Developer Expert (GDE) in web technologies and Angular, worldwide conference speaker, workshop mentor, Angular evangelist, and tech community leader. 

He is currently head of the Angular department at 500Tech, a top front-end consultancy based in Tel Aviv.

It will have a 5.5 hour duration with 3 breaks and it will take place Sunday May 28th at Impact Hub downtown Athens.

You can find tickets for this workshop in EventBrite.