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Frontend Re-United is the most comfy, people-first, non-profit Frontend conference in the world. Our aim is to connect frontend developers and designers to share knowledge, experiences and ideas. For the past two years, we are reaching out to locations globally and team up to share live stream of the conference talks.

See you in Medellin?


This year

The JS community in Medellin will host this global gathering for the first time! Make a date for the 2nd of May 2020 and come to join this amazing experience! 

There's so much to learn about UX, browser performance, theming, Javascript and Drupal :-) As FU is well known for inviting the best speakers,  we wanted to share their talks with the audience around the globe :-) Check the speakers for 2020!

Live stream will be recorded by a professional team to get up close to speakers and constantly switch between the slides and follow the speaker around.  As a second step, all questions to speakers will be posted only through a platform called Slido.

Lots more information to appear soon! 


In 2018, a number of people from Paramaribo, Kigali, Pune, and Bangkok attended the conference remotely for the first time. Last year,  14 remote locations around the world hosted the event. People from Addis Ababa, Buenos Aires, Cali, Chicago, Delhi, Ho Chi Minh City, Kigali, Kathmandu, Nairobi, Paramaribo, Ouagadougou, Pune, Paramaribo, and Singapore watched the live stream of the talks. The impact within each community was so strongly felt, that each Re-United location didn’t hesitate to sign up again for 2020!



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Medellin, ANT,

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