Bristol baby!

Bristol is one hell of a city and we think you frontend folks are going to love it. Beautiful things happen in Bristol, from the magnificent Victorian engineering of the Clifton suspension bridge and the birth place (and resting place) of Concorde to filming location for shows like Sherlock and Dr Who and controversial graffiti - this is Banksy's hometown afterall.

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Tickets are available now and gives you access to the entire event.

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Early bird until 30th April £45

Standard ticket 1st May - 31st May £65

Late-comers 1st June - Showtime £85

Our Gold sponsor - Torchbox.

Our lovely sponsor!

We'd like to give a massive thanks to Torchbox for sponsoring this years event. They'll be all over the event so go and say Hi. They're a lovely bunch.

Lightning talks - Friday evening

Friday - Sprinting & lightning talks

Come along from 4pm. Meet the organisers, catch up with mates. Contribute and shout about whatever you want!

Conference day - Saturday

Saturday Conference day 1

We will blow your pretty mind. We've got some great speakers lined up for today. They'll inspire, motivate and maybe even educate you!

Sprint day - Sunday

Super Sunday Sprint day

There is no rest this Sunday - We want you to help us make Drupal 8 awesome. Come sprint with us and let's FRONTEND HARDER!


Afra Noubarzadeh

Here is where your socks are going to get blown off. Afra creates wonderful artwork, only with CSS... he'll do some live, just for us!


Lisa Rex

Lisa is an amazing User experience designer and she's going to be making Frontend United an experience you won't forget!