Why are SJW killjoys always on about progressive enhancement?

The other room

Hold hard there, rich white millennial boyman. Grandma Feminist Killjoy is here to tell you a story that will cause you to trade your iPhone 7 in for something from 2009. You see, not everyone is like you. It must come as a shock to hear that in your mid to late twenties, I know. Some people are poor. Some people have old phones. Some people have slow data connections. Some people can’t use computers the way you do.

“But we don’t cater for them!”, you might wail. Well, Grandma is here to tell you how you haven’t got the luxury of assuming that. Because how someone interacts with your site is completely out of your control, and Grandma Killjoy will show you the many ways your assumptions can fail.

This talk is angry and makes fun of the privileged. It will make the case for progressive enhancement and demonstrate that developing for the web is simultaneously about learning to code defensively, and about developing a sense of morality, empathy and caring.